Things I Hate

This is an anthology of the things I hate.
~ Sunday, August 19 ~


Yah, I know this has been done to death, but I don’t care. I hate YOLO with a burning passion. Almost as much as Converse, but that’s something for a different post. I don’t hate the concept of YOLO, I hate how people interpret it. Like when people just do stupid shit and say, “YOLO!” as if that makes everything cool. WRONG! It makes you stupid. It means that you should make the most of your life, and not by going out and doing a bunch of drugs and getting drunk every night. It means that you should make every second of your life count. So, if you want to go bungee jumping, go out and do it. Because YOLO. 

~ Saturday, March 10 ~

3D Glasses (kind of)

I don’t hate 3D glasses (I don’t particularly like them though). What I hate is when people take the actual glass ( or plastic or whatever the hell they’re made of) out of the frame and call them “hipster shades.” What is the point? Why not just buy some some real glasses!? You look dumb as hell when you wear those. So just STOP! Go out to Sunglass Hut or the Gap or wherever the hell they sell those glasses and BUY AND F***ING PAIR!

~ Saturday, February 25 ~


I hate crocs. I just don’t get them. For god sakes they’re shoes with god damn holes in them! Well to be fair, they have certain kinds that don’t have holes. But still, why would anyone buy those? Now they sell those ones that change color in the sun. Why would I want them to change color?! If I buy a specific color, I would like them to stay that way! 



Hello there people of the internet. My name is Paul and this a blog dedicated to my hatred for things.